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After a lot of comments on my newly dyed hair, I have also gotten a lot of requests on how I take care of my Luxury for Princess /Hair Rehab London hair extensions and of course my natural hair. I love trying out new hair products that cater to different women’s hair so when Sexy Hair sent me these products to try out, I was really looking forward to seeing the difference they would do to my hair. I have been personally following Sexy Hair for quite a while now and I must say they have really become a huge brand which caters to a lot of my friends hair. Whether you have, blonde, curly, coloured or damaged hair, Sexy Hair offers a wide array of hair products for you. I was also really excited to try out the new Hot Sexy Hair Support Me Heat Protectant Setting Spray which Sexy Hair just recently released and I will get into that in a hot second.

The first products I tried out where the Long Sexy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. The luxe beige packaging was already an eye catcher and the shampoo and conditioner has moringa oil and biotin. Ideal for Long Hair and extensions, this was the best product to apply on my hair extensions. The scent was really lovely without being overbearing and the conditioner made the hair so soft, I could definitely see the detangling effect first hand. The gentle conditioner helps provide softness, shine and hydration. After this step I went on to using the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner. This leave in conditioner the great benefits of soy and cocoa for beautiful vivacious hair. I added this to my towel dried hair and hair extensions, brushed them through with a wide-toothed comb and let it sit overnight without applying any heat.

The next morning, after my hair was dry, I went on to adding in the Hot Sexy Hair Support me 450° Heat Protection Setting Spray. This Setting spray acts as a heat protectant but also has enough residue to prime your hair for styling it afterwards and giving it the maximum hold. This setting spray helped hold my waves beautifully even longer than the 24 hrs advertised on the top of the packaging, especially on days which are moist and have high humidity, this setting spray in combination with the Big Sexy Hair “Spray and Play “Hair Spray, you are good to go. After Styling my hair with my Cloud Nine Waves Curling Iron, I sprayed a decent amount to the bottom two-thirds of my hair. This hair spray ensures that your hair is set and ready. Have you had experience with the Brand Sexy Hair and how do you like their products? Comment below and let me know what you think!



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