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From Desert Dunes to Hot Air Balloons: Israel´s best-kept secret surprises

There are certain experiences I will never forget travelling and one of them includes my desert experience in Israel. Desert you say? In Israel? Yes, that was not the first place that came to my mind when I thought of Israel adventures but for me it was by far the most memorable.

After we discovered the historic city of Jerusalem which I will get into in my upcoming post, we headed over to the Dead Sea to discover the lowest point of Earth which is located just an hour away surrounded by the majestic Negev desert. The water is so salty that no fish, birds or plants can survive. The day was hot (as most days in Israel) but we had a scenic ride to reach our special destination which would allow us to go sailing in the Dead Sea with Salty Landscapes. As we arrived closer to the shore one could see the shiny salt crystals outlining the bank of the sea. I covered my hand with the mineral rich mud which was soothing against my skin…. This mud is in fact world famous when it comes to its beauty and rejuvenating properties.


We had the unique opportunity (and the only one at that in the world!) to sail on the Dead Sea. There is only one licensed operator named Salty Landscapes who has the permission to operate such tours. They were kind enough to host us on their boat and we got to explore the Dead Sea facing the opposite shore of Jordan. The best way to describe how the water felt like is it felt heavy, super heavy. The Dead Sea contains up to nine times more salt than your average seawater. Once entering the water you float instantly. It is a once in a lifetime feeling and I have to do this again one day! This is a must-see in case you ever head over to Israel.


Next off we drove to Kfar Hanokdim which is located in the Kana´im Valley in the Judean desert close to Masada. Upon arrival it felt as if I just landed into 1001 nights with the Bedouin inspired rooms. Basically you are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a green oasis and the occasional camel or two which pass by.


The food was sensational and we had a pretty insightful look into the Bedouin culture and how this culture thrives on in our modern day world.


One of my favourite memories is hanging out at the bonfire with a view of so many stars. In that moment I forgot the world…


In terms of places to stay in Israel this was my favourite within my adventure in Israel.


After our night at Kfar Hanokdim we got up very early the next morning at 3 a.m. for a surprise. If anyone knows me I am not the biggest morning person so I was hoping for a really really really big surprise.. needless to say I was not disappointed. Upon arriving to our destination I saw what looked like a big basket and a massive colourful cloth. It turns out that we were going on a sunrise hot air balloon ride in the middle of the desert. To say I was shocked is an understatement.. I was EXCITED beyond belief. Once the hot air balloon was ready we hopped in and flew away to watch the sunrise…


What is the feeling of being in a hot air balloon? It literally feels as if you are floating on air. I am not particularly a fan of heights but this was really the calmest I have been flying in any machine – the feeling was spectacular and next to the Dead Sea my favourite activity in Israel.


Next off we went to the Ramon crater for some on-the-ground desert fun. We rode in tom cars, some zip lined…


..and even had a yoga experience.


For all you adventure freaks this is a fun excursion and one I can definitely recommended. I would like to thank Vibe Israel Tour for this fantastic experience.


Vibe Israel is a not-for-proft organisation leading initiates to strengthen Israel’s brand in the world, especially among the Millennial generation. They invite online opinion leaders for complimentary week-long tours Israel in their field of interest.

Photographer Credit: Or Kaplan and Reuben Schaul

*Article contributed by Culture With Coco’s Travel Blogger Carissa.

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