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BuzzooleI have been a fan of  Absolut, a premium vodka brand which caters to people who have an eye for great packaging and creative designs. Absolut also speaks to me as a female, as I do enjoy their wide array of delicious flavours including Acai, Kurrant, and Mango to name a few. But their latest vodka is unique as they play with color in this otherwise colourless world of clear vodka. That is why I was so excited to taste Oak by Absolut.


“From the minute the liquid rests on oak, it begins to transform, bringing a new darkness and depth to the smooth character of vodka.”


First things first, for those wondering, Oak by Absolut is not a whiskey nor a bourbon. This specific Vodka is rested on oak, giving it a smooth, rich character. The idea behind this drink comes from Per Hermansson, Sensory Director of Absolut, who got inspired by seeing bartenders around the world ageing their cocktails in small oak barrels, and wanted to do the same with Absolut.


Ageing a cocktail in a barrel is the slowest technique but with a greater complexity which occurs over time.

Ageing a cocktail in a barrel is the slowest technique but with a greater complexity which occurs over time.The taste will mature and develop its complexity over time and this helps to mix ingredients together resulting in a smoother experience. A nice mix of vanilla, caramel and toasted oak make for mixing the perfect for creating delicious summer cocktails. Add a handful of mixed berries and a hint of lemon will make for summer cocktail perfection or enjoy this drink like me on the rocks to toast to a great evening.

I have added some neat drink ideas which you can recreate below! Enjoy…

Here is my take on this summer cocktail 2017, I got super inspired to try out the Oak Mule as the Moscow Mule is one of the best cocktails ever for me. I dosed my drink just the right amount adding 2cl Oak by Absolut and 5 parts of my favourite Old Jamaican Ginge Beer. Since I do like my cocktails on the more sweeter side, I added this ginger spritz which is actually sparkling wine on the go. This worked so well with the taste including a lime wedge to this super tasty cocktail. Paired with a glass full of berries and a visit from your bestie, this drink might be my summer cocktail 2017.






*In friendly cooperation with Absolut.

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