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I often get a lot of questions on protecting yourself from the sun. Now that Spring is among us, we want to head on out to soak in the sun rays which were so scarce in the last months. I love to stay moving this summer! Wherever you are – whether in the water, in the mountains, on the beach, this is the year to enjoy the sun while being active. I for one am not that beach girl who sits in the sun rotating to soak up the sun, I love paying beach volleyball, walking by the beach, active water sports like jet-skiing to name a few. That is why I love the Lancaster Sun Sport 2017 Collection. Although I would call myself an athlete, I prefer a good formula of sunscreen which does not come off if I decide to play some sports, take a dip in the sea or anything else. In 2013 Lancaster’s formula was additionally equipped with the double infrared radiation protection technology as well as the wet skin technology, for a simple application, even on wet skin. In 2017, the Sun sports products are once again in focus: they are now ‘smart’ and adapt to your environment and activities. The more you move, the fresher you feel and remain protected all the time! It has never been so easy to enjoy the sun like Sun Sports. That is why I was super excited to try out these products from Lancaster which are a mid price ranged sun protector which I got from Flaconi.



The first product I got to try out was the Lancaster Sun Sport Cooling Invisible Mist Wet Skin Application. This Spray comes with SPF 15/30/50. I usually take the middle since my olive skin isn’t as prone to be damaged by the sun. The best part about this spray is that the harmful UV rays are already absorbed on the first usage. The alcohol- and oil-free as well as perspiration resistant spray offers a dry finish. This prevents the sea water and salt from sticking to your skin after usage. I big plus is also that the spray dries super fast without leaving an oily or sticky residue. Moisturised and protected skin for a day on the beach has never been easier.


The second Item I wanted to try is the Lancaster Sun Sport Invisible Face Mist SPF30. I usually prefer to use different sprays or gels for my face as the skin is usually more delicate. This alcohol-free, ultra-fine spray that is ideal for the use on the face. The perfect part is that this spray can be used on wet or dry skin, the spray creates a protective layer that leaves a dry touch finish. The spray also provides the skin with moisture and is thus also suitable for application under make-up. This Fragrance-free formula

lancaster_sun_sport_cooling_invisible_mistDas zweite Produkt was ich mir rausgesucht habe ist das Lancaster Sun Sport Invisible Face Mist SPF30Ein alkoholfreies, ultra feines Spray, das ideal zur Anwendung im Gesicht ist. Ich benutze gerne verschiedene und intensivere Cremes auf mein Gesicht da die Haut in dem Bereich einfach dünner und anfälliger ist. Auf trockener oder nasser Haut angewendet, erzeugt das Spray einen schützenden Film, der ein Dry Touch Finish hinterlässt. Es fettet oder klebt nicht, versorgt die Haut mit Feuchtigkeit. Ein tolles Plus ist das dieser Face Mist sich auch super eignet auch zur Anwendung unter Make-up.


The LANCASTER SUN SPORT Invisible Face Gel SPF 30 is a transparent protective gel that is invisible on the skin. The gel does not stick, leaves no white traces on the skin and provides a silky texture and a matte finish. I really love to use this Gel in combination with the face Mist on really hot days.

Das LANCASTER SUN SPORT Invisible Face Gel SPF 30 ist ein transparentes Schutzgel, das auf der Haut unsichtbar ist. Das Gel klebt nicht, hinterlässt keine weißen Spuren auf der Haut und liefert eine seidige Textur und ein mattes Finish. Diese benutze ich gerne in Verbindung mit der Face Mist and richtig heißen Tagen.

Last but not least, I cannot wait to show you the After Sun Spray TAN MAXIMIZER Instant Cooling MistFrom now on, you can extend your holiday tan by up to one month with the new generation of skin-regenerating and tanning-expanding Tan Maximizer After Sun products. This cooling Mist for the body refreshes the heated skin and soothes it after sunbathing. The moisturizing formula supports the natural regeneration process of the skin and immediately provides for a pleasant, silky smooth feel on the skin. The improved Tan Activator complex intensifies the natural release of melanin in the skin and thus stimulates the tan as still being exposed to the sun. The perfect products to have that healty glowing tan weeks after that amazing summer holiday.

Als letztes habe ich meinen persönlichen Highlight, die After Sun Spray TAN MAXIMIZER Instant Cooling MistVon nun an ann man mit der neuen Generation hautreparierender und bräunungsverlängernder Tan Maximizer After Sun Produkte, die Urlaubsbräune um bis zu einen Monat verlängern. Das sofort kühlende Mist für den Körper erfrischt die erhitzte Haut und beruhigt sie nach dem Sonnenbad. Die feuchtigkeitsspendende Rezeptur unterstützt den natürlichen Regenerationsprozess der Haut und sorgt sofort für ein angenehmes, seidig weich gepflegtes Hautgefühl. Der verbesserte bräunungsintensivierende Tan Activator Komplex verlängert die natürliche Freisetzung von Melanin in der Haut und stimuliert damit die Bräune als sei man immer noch der Sonne ausgesetzt.

I really hoped you enjoyed this and I look forward to hearing about your favourite Sunblockers & Sprays! Stop by my Instagram to win some of these listed products. More info here!

Ich hoffe die Produkte haben Euch super gefallen und erzäjlt mir gerne was eure Sonnenprodukte sind! Schaut vorbei bei meiner Instagram Seite um die Chnce zu haben, was zu gewinnen!

*In friendly cooperation with Flaconi.

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