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As we’re all too aware at this stage, the resurgence of ‘90s dressing is back with a bang and it looks like it is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Give a nod to the Nineties with a pair of fishnet socks worn with loafers, mid-heels, or chunky brogues. The most intriguing provocative styles for the fall/winter 2016-2017 accessory trends have everybody stacking up their hosiery drawer. The agent provocateurs this time around are fishnet tights like these from Wolford and socks that seem to never throw in the towel to seduce and captivate masses. Is this widely popular trend a secret homage to Fifty Shades Of Grey which is coming out next week? Who really is rocking this fishnet trend 2017? Just run an eye over the micro-fishnet tights at Max Mara or the wide ones at Jeremy Scott. Enjoy fishnet socks paired with pumps and other pointy-toe footwear designs.


Thoughts on the fishnet tights trend? This edgy (and can we say badass?) trend is going strong and lately you can see lots of cool girls wearing fishnet tights under ripped jeans, me as well I have to admit. This is a trend that will take time to trickle down as it is very fashion forward, intimidating and tricky to pull off. It already starts getting complicated as the different types of fishnet stocking there are out there. A great pack to start along is this choice from LFF. The give you the chance to try four different styles to find out which one you like the most. Fishnets for starters… kind of… Depending on how you pair it and the style of the fishnet it can end up looking not quite stylish but rather punk and depending how you pair it can be borderline trashy. If you do dare to sport the right one (like a micro pair) then it can look quite cool. This trend will be interpreted and applied to other garments like and there’s no doubt that the easy way to step into it is with a pair of these to test the waters. Here are some looks I love for inspiration..


The Fashion Cuisine


This Time Tomorrow




Masha Sedgwick

When it comes to fishnets, the reality is they never really left and women such a Monica Bellucci probably lived in them since they were 20 years old. Second of all, wearing them today, if you’re not Monica Bellucci is a tricky business. Nailing the fishnet look is probably harder than actually fishing for a fish.


They also look cool peaking over the top of your favourite trainers or you can dress down a pair of heels with this trendy accessory. Pair this look with cropped jeans or trousers and lots of layers on top until summer kicks in. Try a bomber or a duster jacket with a polo neck underneath and you’ll be good to go. This simple accessory will bring your dull, over-worn winter wardrobe straight into style for spring.


Streetstyle By Victoria Adamson // Masha Sedgwick // This Time Tomorrow

What is the key to wearing fishnets and looking great?

After a profound and long Instagram research I have reached the conclusion that in order to nail the Instagram fishnets trend we need to start off easy:

  1. wear fishnet socks. I LOVE these! They are the perfect quirky dramatic cool details to an otherwise normal outfit. From heels to sneakers, to sandals to brogues – fishnet socks are the cool and entry level of #InstragramFishnetsTrend
  2. wear fishnets underneath ripped jeans. It’s a very ratchet but super cool look, sort of like undone glam, urban, details-make-an-outfit sort of style.
  3. let your fishnets’ waistband peak from under your mom jeans and crop top. Apparently THIS is the massive #OOTD Instragram invasion involving fishnets. Easy to do, but obviously not for office wear, nor for everybody. BUT for fashion’s sake we should never ever, ever, ever, ever say never.
  4. and last but not least fishnets worn as stockings. TBH for me this is the hardest look to pull off. You can either wear tiny hole fishnets with classic high heels and a classic dress or skirt, or you can try and experiment with trendy and sophisticated pieces: sneakers and leather skirt for example. Personally I am not too keen on that teenage punk’ish look side of fishnets, worn with Marten boots and plaid mini skirts. But that’s just me. You go on and do your own thing.

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