Last Christmas Shopping


This long anticipated look had me so happy that it is finally online! I got so much great feedback on my Instagram and I am hoping to crack 200K by them as my personal Christmas present from you guys! Now that it is soon getting down to the last Christmas shopping, I cannot wait to show you some cool Gift Ideas I have in mind. Not only the superficial things which are down to Beauty & Fashion but I am also working together with one or 2 charity organisations trying to spread the love within my community and of course to give back. Growing up in Zimbabwe, Africa which is a very beautiful country which is still battling with poverty and questionable politics, I have planned to visit my home country next year and help out with charity and of course show you more from where I grew up but as I mentioned before, I will really get more in depth about that topic next week. On a lighter note, I myself have been getting our apartment Christmas ready. I have been thinking of purchasing a fake christmas tree but somehow, I’m not 100% sure where I will be celebrating so I might give that fake tree a pass this year. Other than that I have just been trying to get my last gifts for my sister, boyfriend and friends. Somehow I started late this year. I used Black Friday and Cyber Monday to shop on Amazon, but I have to say… I bought a lot of dupes which I would love to share with you. I really love brand and quality items, but I have always seen a lot of make-up artists swear on items which cost a fraction of a 50$ foundation. Not to be frugal, but I really know through documentaries, the mark-up for beauty products is just insane and I am going into 2017, trying not to spend too much on cosmetics. If I find something irreplaceable, then obviously I will stick to that, but with some of the reviews I read, the hype is real. I will be swatching and linking you the products once I get to test them out in a few days but other than Christmas shopping, what have you all been up to? How do you like my cream, rosé nude toned look? Scroll below for all the details…









Shop The Look

Gillet: Amazon or similar here or here
Sweater: French Connection or similar here or here
Jeans: Asos or similar here or here
Bag: Michael Kors or similar here or here
Heels: Amazon or similar here or here
Sunglasses: Quay or similar here or here
Jewelry & Nails: Michael Kors or similar here or here
Hair: Luxury For Princess Coupon Code “Chiara” for a discount

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