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Who’s going to capture your heart? Daring, sexy, original – just three of the reasons why JOOP! HOMME has been present and turning heads for more than 25 years. Men’s fragrances are said to be timeless, classic and sexy, more reasons that this fragrance is still cult!


As I open my package, I see my JOOP! Homme Black King Limited Edition Eau de Toilette & Shower Gel sectioned neatly on one side and on the other side is the JOOP! Homme Red King Edition Eau de Toilette and Shower Gel. Now with Joop! Homme Kings Of Seduction limited edition offerings, it’s possible to engage in the art of seduction as never before. Choose from two fragrances and two distinctly different characters and let the battle commence. The packaging is slick and dandy, maybe we can say a touch of Casino Royal.


Red and black flashy painted bottles and slightly engraved with aces and diamonds cross demonstrate the strength of each king. The Black King edition carries the Ace of Spades, a very powerful statement. The rules are simple: two fragrances, two kings, two different Characters. But only a King who uses his cards most cleverly, will win the heart of a beautiful lady. What king has the best Cards? Who has any aces? The game begins…


Spotlight on JOOP! HOMME Red King. The red king – passionate and impetuously he overcomes all obstacles. His intensity and his passionate temperament are captured in a spicy and woody oriental fragrance. Top notes of red chili and cinnamon are so hot that they can bring the coldest heart melt. Seductive Orange blossom, patchouli, sensual tonka bean and red cedar heat the Fire of passion. Is the red king invincible? Here is my special Red King*


Spotlight on his rival, JOOP! HOMME Black King? The black king is sultry and mysterious, a master of conspiracy. It’s attraction is as dark as it is mysterious. He manages to seduce more subtly thanks to Wood, Leather and top notes of Black Pepper and Orange Blossom. This scent is likely to captivate the senses of any lady and make her succumb… Maybe you prefer my special Black King?*


The bottles and cartons of JOOP! HOMME Kings Of Seduction symbolize the opposite characters of the two kings.  JOOP! HOMME Kings of Seduction. Red or black – Push Your Personality, Play with your power, you might steal her heart…

Now time for the goodies and how you can win a special prize…

What you can win…

A Kings of Seduction gift box from JOOP!

How to enter…

Head over to my Instagram page where you can vote which of my special kings you personally prefer…

Each fragrance has got a face… Black King Sohi ♣️ or Red King Konstantin ♦️, they will be battling out to see who will be named the King of Seduction.

What to do…

1. share my post and including the hashtags #JOOPHomme and #KingsOfSeduction and ofcourse follow the @JOOP Instagram fan page.
2. Comment under this photo with the Emoji for either my Red King Konstantin ♦️ or Black King Sohi ♣️ to enter. (If you can’t access emojis then feel free to tag the guy you want to win. )
They will pick out some lucky winners on my page so feel free to tag your friends for a bigger chance of winning! Also make sure to mention under my photo which King is your cup of tea! King @Sohi or King @Konstantin and if you would like you cann add why they won your heart! the Giveaway will be open for 10 days.


Joop Homme Kings Of Seduction

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