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The windmills of Mykonos ❤ Thinking about going to Mykonos? Think no more, here is my Mykonos Travel Guide 2017!

Mykonos, one of the island gems in the the Aegean Sea, belonging to the Cyclades complex became internationally popular for socialites, hippies and world travellers in the early 1960s… However Mykonos owes its name to the son of the King of Delos and according to mythology, Hercules, in one of his twelve tasks, was fighting the Giants and, having killed them, he threw them in the sea where they petrified and turned into huge rocks, forming the island of Mykonos.

Mykonos attractions are the beaches, where you can sunbathe, relax, and snorkel as well as visit ruins and architectural sights- even party. I flew in originally to Athens from Luxembourg. Upon landing I took a local bus which dropped us directly at the Port of Rafina in about an hour… This port is alot more relaxed than Piraeus which is the main port.. We decided to transfer with the ferry Seajets which is the quickest way to get there by sea with only 2.5 hours total travel time.

Port of Rafina Greece

Upon arrival we were picked up by the lovely Paola and were transferred to her stunning hotel Paolos Town Hotel, less than half an hour from the port…





Mykonos next to Santorini is considered to be more of an expensive destination in Greece so we were so lucky to find such a charming hotel just a short 8-minute walk to the hustle and bustle of Mykonos Town, Chora. There is also a bus just 2-minutes away where you can transfer to the popular beaches but feel free to rent a scooter which the hotel can arrange for you… We stayed in a double room with white washed walls and a beautiful view over the town. For a 6 night stay we payed an unbeatable price of 270€. There is an extraordinary pool too to kick off your sandals and relax in…



We started off our evening with a short stroll to the city centre in Chora. We headed down to visit Little Venice, where you can admire the beauty of the landscape as well as the magnificent, colored buildings. We hopped from bar to bar having great cnversations and enjoying the fresh salty air.. Many of the bars are located just at sea and have an awesome view… The earthy colours, the grey, white and blue in all their shades, give Mykonos an irresistible charm.


The next day we went to visit the windmills which can be seen from every point in the village of Mykonos..


Windmills were operated on Mykonos, from the 16th until late 19th century, making the most of the winds blowing in the area and are considered to be the trademark of Mykonos..


During summer, the cosmopolitan beaches of the island, such as Paradise and Super Paradise, are totally full of people and frantic dances take place during the day. There are also other beautiful and perhaps quieter beaches on the island, such as Mersini, Megali Ammos and Korfos. We personally loved Super Paradise Beach as it is abit more relaxed in September…



We also enjoyed Paradise Beach which also offers excellent cuisine, water activities and a beautiful view… The service is top notch and we had many fun encounters…


Do not forget to try out “Kopanisti” which is a soft cheese with a strong peppery taste which is used as the basis of the <t’robolia>.


If you have time do not forget to visit Paraportiani Church. The best is to go at sunset right as the light is beginning to change. It is a spiritual experience that everyone should have… This white-washed church dates back to the Byzantine era and features religious ornaments dating back to the Middle Ages.


Also do not forget to plan a day trip to Delos to view an extraordiary archaelogical site which was once the religious and political center of the Cyclades. The Greek legend goes that this was the actual birthplace of Apollo and Artemis..


I will definitly go back there again. Try to avoid the high season as it can be super crowded and go late June or early September instead. καλη διασκεδαση!


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