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Where to share… Instagram stories or Snapchat? A few weeks ago Instagram rolled out stories, it’s own take on allowing users to take, edit and share photos and videos for a 24 hour period before they’re erased from the grid. Hmm, doesn’t this sound all so familiar. Everybody instantly noted the feature’s resemblance to Snapchat. Being a blogger, you never want to miss out the chance of being a part of the movement so I took my first first videos and pics on stories. I noticed a bar on top with a list of people I follow actively on Instagram so I got to watch some of their stories even thought I have never thought of adding them on Snapchat or they didn’t use it..  So while Stories is still fresh , we wanted to see how this platform can benefit us in the future and if it really has the guts to copy and paste Snapchat!Here are some pros and cons after a few weeks of using both. I noticed a lot of people loved my article on Snapchat Marketing so if you didn’t read it, here you go!

Pros of Instagram Stories

  • I love the simplicity of it. I know A LOT of people who just can’t deal with snapchat. If back then, you weren’t part of the movement and are signing on today, you’ll find words like Snapcodes very confusing.
  • It’s easier to find people. Some Snapchat users complain that it’s hard to find people on the platform. We’re already connected to most people we chat with on the regular on Instagram since we’ve been using it for years so now it’s easier to find and see more content.
  • Non-millennials will use this feature. Some of my friends never tired Snapchat because she was afraid she wouldn’t understand it. I’ve already seen her first Instagram Story and I’m impressed.
  • Everything is now in one place Some people say they don’t really see the point in Snapchat if Instagram Stories really becomes “a thing”. Those same folks say they’ll give it a try for now since their two favorite apps are basically one.
  • There is the potential for more viewers. If you’re a user who is already very popular on Instagram, it would actually be a better idea for you to use Instagram Stories especially if your following there is larger than on Snapchat. Monetization will probably also be easier down the road.
  • Instagram Stories are 15 seconds. You now have five more seconds to share in each snap.
  • Instagram Stories is great for learning your IG reach. Haven’t you noticed how many more views you get compared to snapchat. It’s also interesting to see how many of my followers are actually daily active users (such a jargon phrase) on the platform.
  • All of your followers will see your story. On Instagram, if you send a snap to your story you can choose people that you can hide the story from which can be convenient.
  • Stories can be uploaded directly to your timeline “Snap” something cool on your story? You can now send it directly to the IG editor without having to download it first. It’s possible to save your individual stories too.

Cons of Instagram Stories

  • A lot of users don’t see the point in having “platforms that do the same thing.” However, these users also don’t understand a competitive marketplace. I’ll give folks about a month to adapt just like they did with the non-chronological timeline.
  • Fearful that it will lead to more ads Some users said they hope this doesn’t lead to more ads as they’re already tired of seeing them on the numerous platforms we’re on, including Instagram.
  • No facial filters (yet)… No puppy dog? No flower crown? I’m sticking with Snapchat.
  • No front flash (yet). Seriously how am I supposed to take car selfies on the way to the bar without the front flash?
  • General annoyance. If a user follows a lot of people, the IG Stories feature may get annoying to them quickly. Yes it is easy to simply tap that unfollow button, but just because you don’t want to see a person’s stories doesn’t mean you don’t want to see their photos.
  • Edit: Screenshots allowed Instagram doesn’t alert you if a fellow user takes a screenshot of your video. Watch out now!

How do you find both concepts now that they have been out for longer than a minute? I have noticed that even though more viewers watch my Instagram Stories, I do prefer Snapchat and its filters and when I see something I want to share, Snapchat ist the icon I click to first. Instagram for me is the more professional side so I will add in some snippets here and there but follow me on Snapchat: culturewhthcoco to see what I am up to.

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