The Fashion Olympics 2016


The fashion Olympics have begun! All eyes are at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro which started two days ago. I personally have never been to Rio, but I have heard a lot about their swimsuit culture. If you’ve snagged a hot ticket into paradise, i’m pretty sure you’ve been googling your fingers numb to find out what the hottest and trendiest bikinis this season. In order to fit in on the beaches of Rio, it is important to remember one thing: when it comes to Brazilian swimwear, for women and men, less is always more. For women, the only swimsuit that is socially acceptable in Rio is a bikini with low-cut, revealing bottoms – no matter one’s age or size. Wearing bottoms that cover the entire bum will immediately give away one’s gringo (foreigner) status – and likely only garner snickers and stares. For those who are less inclined to bare all, there are more conservative styles, although the bottoms of most are generally only about half the size of those of the typical American or European bikini.


Others, who want to flaunt what they’ve got, might prefer the famous “fio dental” (thong), which is not for everyone. As for what is à la mode this season, it’s all about color, ethnic patterns, straps and fringes. Once the perfect swimsuit has been purchased, make a beach visit complete with a pair of Havaiana flip flops and a canga (sarong), the Brazilian version of a towel. And for a gringo to really blend in with the crowd, according to Goulart, “just be laid-back, wear Havaiana sandals and dress scantily on the beach.” The last part is probably the most important. Enjoy our pics below. Are you watching the Olympics this season and if so, who are you routing for?


1 Hervé Léger 70% Off // 2 Lisa Marie Fernandez // 3 Lisa Mari Fernandez // 4 Melissa Odabash // 5 Topshop Top Bottom // 6 Gemma Bikini




1 Eres Top Bottom // 2 Vender Store // 3 Bower // 4 Marysia // 5 she Made Me Top Bottom // 6 Pink Queen


1 Nina Bikini // 2 L’Agent Provocateur Top Bottom // 3 Lisa Marie Fernandez // 4 Stella McCartney // 5 La Perla Top Bottom // 6 Kiini


1 Vix Top Bottom // 2 Topshop Top Bottom // 3 Choies // 4 Lazul Top Bottom // 5 Heidi Klein Top Bottom // 6 Missoni


1 Zimmerman // 2 Boohoo // 3 Choies // 4 Kiini Top Bottom // 5 Norma Kamali Top Bottom // 6 Lisa Marie Fernandez

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