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Mandy Capristo Oliver Baker Photoshoot 2014

Formerly know as Mandy, Grace Crapristo has taken an unusual route as an artist. She enjoyed all the success in the girlband Monrose until the band split in 2010. The timing was right for them as they had come into their own individually. They have each since then launched solo projects which reflect their personal style. I have always had Ms. Capristo on my style radar as she has managed over the years to keep herself interesting, fashion wise always on point. Sure, it didn’t hurt to see the focus on our German Wags when we won the world championship in football and she was on the side of Mesut Özil all the time. A cute couple which are rumoured on again off again.

After launching her solo career in 2012, she moved to London, then to LA, dabbling in different project, creating new music and teasing her loyal fans with snippets of her roaring fiercely to some great tracks. On March 21, she set the reset button and deleted all her social media. A clean slate but a shock for fans who loved scrolling through her old life. She wants to be known mostly for her music, which I totally can understand. She has since launched her track One Woman Army which she presented very proudly at an Mercedes Benz event in New York. She’s the face She’s Mercedes, a campaign empowering business women. We decided to recreate some of our favourite looks from the last couple of years, how do you like her style? Comment below!

mandy capristo 2016


Kinderhospiz Charity Event 2014

Mandy Capristo Mesut Özil

Mandy Capristo Gala Magazine

Mandy Capristo Oliver Baker Photoshoot 2014


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