Lumberjack Style 2016

The first sun rays are causing me to actually believe that it might actually get warmer very soon. Spring always calls for lumberjack style 2016. I can’t wait to let go of my winter wardrobe and dabble in my light tones of spring. I seriously have so many dresses which are screaming to be worn. Not only do the days become longer, but the mornings start earlier. Nothing worse that getting up and it is still dark. I for one will be hurrying into the sunlight in a week for Easter. I am so jealous that my sister is visiting our home land of Zimbabwe, where I come from and she’s added a short trip to South Africa. Unfortunately due to other schedules, I cannot travel along but I really look forward to receiving the pictures and sharing them with you if you like!

I will be travelling during Easter, so I got my tickets to Nice, France and I will be spending my last days in March and starting of April there. Not quite southern heat, but i’ll take it. You guys know that I have to visit Nice and Monaco every single year, this year I actually have three visits planned, so I definitely won’t be bored.

On to my look, I get asked a lot on Instagram what my favourite style jeans are, high waisted all the way. The best way to accentuate my figure and lift everything together, especially on those days where you may indulge on a larger portion ice-cream.  To accentuate your waist, tuck in a cute long sleeved shirt. I don’t like showing off my no so pert derrière so I like to tie something around my waist like this cool lumberjack blouse which picks up the tones of the jeans and glasses. Click here to see my last two looks on Youtube! Where are you celebrating Easter and what are your favourite style jeans?

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