Jeffrey Campbell Topanga Lace Up Boot

These boots have to be a favorite of mine at the moment. Those who know me, I like to switch up my style and do something so out of the box for myself, I literally feel like a Taylor Momsen spirit animal has captured me. The days are milder, so a faux quilted leather jacket will do. It has inspired me to maybe take a look on the dark side and dabble in some serious dark fashion. These short shorts are so shamefully short, I had to pair them with this high-low shirt from Zara. A cool layering detail which can take an otherwise normal look a bit more over the edge. This vest with fringe detailing is pretty awesome, and it gives the top a bit more volume compared with what’s going on at the bottom. These tights are perfect, they actually show a tone of flesh underneath which keeps this look a bit airy especially paired with these boots inspired by Jeffrey Campbell Topanga Lace Up Boot which are just dying for attention, hmm , just like the girl in them, or nah? I knew I’d definitely go unnoticed and fit in with the crowd. Do you try to step out of your style box and is there maybe an item you love from a specific fashion genre which you would love to wear, but you haven’t  tried it yet?

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taylor momsen gothic boots

taylor momsen gossip girl style

jeffrey-campbell topanga laceup boot

choies blue ripped five pocket laec hem denim hot shorts

dolls kill yru apexxx boot

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