Weightloss Journey : 5 Weeks Later


Recently I got a lot of positive feedback and I decided to continue my food diary & weight-loss routine online. I am always kind of uneasy with a topic like this because everybody has their own style of losing weight, training, nutrition etc. Especially since our bodies all work in a different way and we are all different ages, heights etc… This doesn’t mean that what works for me will work for you, so take that into consideration while reading below.

I’m no expert by any means but any body with two working brain cells is obviously not clueless to the saying: sports + nutrition = weight-loss. The only thing I didn’t calculate in this equation… Christmas! Dammit, I am certainly not going to be biting into a cauliflower or broccoli while everyone munches away the turkey. That will definitely be a cheat day for me.

How much have I lost in 5 Weeks

I posted my last Fitness Challenge Post right about five weeks ago and since then have actively lost ca. 8 kgs/17.6 pounds. I’ve lost a lot of cm’s and can finally see my old clothes hanging looser around my waist. I am not a serial dieter by any means but my clothes in my closet range from EU 36-42. Not because of fluctuation but just the way the fit and taking into consideration that each brand has different sizing. The rewards of weight-loss are definitely trying on old clothes. You should try it!

What am I eating

My diet consists mostly vegan or vegetarian dishes. I recently started incorporating chicken into the equation. So yummy, especially since I was growing tired of tuna salad, cucumber etc. One you hit a plateau in weightloss, you literally become frustration central. That#s that phase when you stay the exact same weight, or even gain a little. That’s when you have to mix things up a bit, different diet, different excersizes etc. Don’t weigh yourself everyday because you will drive yourself crazy. I have one warm meal like this below, and the rest of the day I snack on veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, paprika etc. If one meal is too little, break this into two meals, half in the morning and half in the evening. I eat until my tummy says i’m full, so much better than any calorie calculator out there. Be creative. There’s tons of ways to create your salad and a millions of ingredients to enhance it.

Cheat Day! I personally cannot imagine myself having a cheat day of eating everything I want. Can you imagine actually eating a burger or a pizza and having to diet again the next day. I just couldn’t, I can imagine that once I am done, I will treat myself to portion sizes which I am comfortable with. At the moment, I just can’t really befriend myself with the idea. How about you?

low calorie food plateau weightloss

How much Excercise

Throughout this weightloss journey I have learnt to really go back to the basics. I don’t need to Zumba (even though it is great fun) and I don’t need Pilates (although I love it). Heck, I don’t need any fancy-schmancy dance courses which I can learn on youtube (although I must say I am obsessed with bellydancing routines).

How about something effective and easy, which won’t leave you with sore muscles. My sport of choice is walking, well, we’ll make it sound better, hiking. It sounds so simple but think about it, you could walk yourself thin, seriously! I googled it, here! So that’s what i’ve been doing ever since, I started with 6km/4 miles a day to yesterdays goal being 20km/12,5 miles. I don’t ache the following day but feel great. My skin is clearing up and I can feel the change in my clothes becoming looser and my legs, arms and stomach becoming tighter. I actually might reach my goal weight in 5 more weeks if I stay on a good path and everything goes as planned. I have also started doing more strength training in a bid of getting rid of fat. There’s only so much you can achieve with a diet, but if you want nice muscle tone and a neat flat stomach, you’re going to have to get shredded. I have been training the typical things, pushups, legs workout, situps, all oldschool. We’ll see how far I get.

Now let’s go to those other bad habits you might be thinking of kicking while you’re on your lifestyle and health endeavor.

Bad habits I have mentally kicked:

breaking bad habits


healthy food choices 2016

Now saying changing your food habits isn’t a sacrifice would be a lie, because let’s face it, i’d rather be biting into my sushi, a burger or have a chinese take-out instead of a salad but im pretty sure i’m not the only one. How I stay motivated? I figure myself falling off the bandwagon, all the work for nothing… especially if you are doing well at the moment. Why ruin it for some food which you will enjoy for a few minutes. If that is not worth it to you, then you have the right mindset. It’s all about controlling your psyche. Sure you’ll get super hungry and need to fill up your stomach. Instead of something unhealthy opt for tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, healthy snacks which won’t pack on any extra weight. Something to fill you up with little calories, if you don’t have to think twice about it, then you can definitely eat it.. Don’t stay hungry, it will make you crave something to fill the void. I keep myself focused saying, when I reach my goal weight, I can enjoy all my fave foods in portions. I like to think of it as controlled eating. When you’ve worked hard for’t bring you back to square one, you’re human. So ladies, the world doesn’t end if you treat yourself.



Not drinking was the worst challenge for me! Not that I was one foot inside AA , but just because of my social life. I love going to events where they shower you with champagne, gin & tonic or cocktails with little hats on the side. I love that aspect, but then again, I don’t need alcohol to have a great time. I feel really silly right now saying this, but I actually thought this would really challenge me. I love to treat myself with some vino at the end of a hard work day, who doesn’t? I notice that without it in my system, I fall sleep much faster, have less anxiety and I actually feel so much better physically just cutting it out of my life for the moment. I wake up more refreshed and I can definitely wave adé to those weekend headaches.

alcohol and weight gain


smoking quotes

tips on how to stop smoking by ex smokers

Now, I like some others am a social smoker. As the ultimate Sex and the City fan, Carrie was always puffing her way through the first seasons and even she stopped smoking, If she can do it, I can! Now, I just just like to state, that smoking was thing for instance which went hand in hand with a coffee break, a cocktail in the evening or just boredom, waiting for a late friend to come by. After a while, it isn’t all that it is after all. Not forgetting, it’s effing expensive,  almost 2000€ a year for a normal pack of Marlborough Lights is insane. So well, I quit from one day to another.

My motivation: Decreasing Health Risks like lung cancer, teeth discoloration and of course the smell. Us smokers don’t mind but I hang around a ton of non smokers so, you get it. I haven’t felt the urge to smoke once I stopped, a miracle really isn’t it. Sometimes it’s really all just in your head… I know a lot of people say you gain weight after smoking but I decided that wasn’t an option, and after over 5 weeks cigarette free, I have not gained a single pound.

how to stop smoking and drinking

If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I wish you all a great weekend! I hope I could give you a small insight on my progress and of course maybe the motivation for you to lose weight, quit smoking or drinking.

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