What to do in Naxos in Greece

I was scrolling through my last holiday photos and I came across this set which I never got into. Inbetween Santorini and Athens, I visit the small town Naxos in Greece. We had the cutest tiny apartment with costed 60€ for a three night stay. Yes, the island really is that inexpensive. The most famous beach on this mini-sialdn is Agios Georgios (Saint George) Beach, our hotel was 250m away from it. All along the beach and streets, there are authentic restaurants serving the most delicious dishes, most of them specializing  on fresh seafood. You’ll find fresh octopus drying on lines during the daylight hours, and decent deals at dinnertime. If you want to visit any of the villages up in the mountains (which I highly recommend!), you’ll either need a car or a bus ticket. Buses to each village leave throughout the day from the main bus station in Naxos town, where you can also go to pick up a schedule. Ticket prices depend on where you’re going (a round-trip ticket to Apiranthos, for example, will cost you 3.10 Euro).

My Evening Look. An evening wear look which is great for the island and an alternative to a dress. I chose this look because it was really windy, hence the subtle top-knot ;-). You always have to have your bikini underneath, incase you go out for a midnight swim right? I wore my strapless fringe bikini and high waisted bottoms. Over it, a see-through black mesh top which is flowy and free so dinner doesn’t get in the way. A military pant is always a chic alternative to denim or shorts. Last but not least, high-heels which you can easily slip off and carry in your hand. what to wear on holiday Greece

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Get The Look Military chic

Earrings ($30) // Cardigan (£15) // Belt ($10) // Bag (€55) // Bikini Top ($25) // Bikini Bottom (£67) // Pants ($75) // Heels ($55)

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