How to wear culottes

How to wear culottes ? Culottes are the perfect pants to get you through this unpredictable fall weather. They have all the benefits of a voluminous bottom, but without the hassle of tailoring. With a flattering hemline and versatile shape, there is more than one way to style this billowy pant.  Don’t be intimidated by this akward lengthened pant.
Wearing this trend, I do recommend that you pair them with a delicate heel and something a bit more defined above. It defines the shape a bit more and won’t look as frumpy while out on the streets. Whether Neutrals and Pales, Bold and Dramatic or Prints and Florals, make sure you cullote steals the show and if unexperienced, work with minimalistic styles. Once you get more into it, mix and match to a fault, because we can’t take this trend too serious. It’s a fun jolly and most importantly joyous look.


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