See Through Crochet Top Bra

How about a nice secret little garden right next to the villa, where the water is covered in moss and everything is green. You can literally hear the sound of bees humming and frogs quacking. This is a place you’d die for to have your wedding in. Theme, white pleats and lace. Just like my outfit, a lovely silk crop top, which flares out on the arms and the mid-riff. See Through Crochet Top Bra? I went for a nude instead of black, it compliments the look more, I believe. Tuck in in for a more fitted look or let it flow in that in that gust of wind. My lace is very see through so I do like to let people know I am wearing something underneath. Thats why with all my lace outfits, I buy the underwear matching the colour and not my skin tone. I got this pleated skirt a while back, unfortunately the pictures don’t pick it up, but the lower half are more sheer so it looks really beautiful. My sunglasses are from Bijou Briggite and Match well with the white and rosé detailing. Below you can find where I got this look or if not available online, similar outfits! It’s really heating up the next few days so it will be challenging, but I shot many nice outfits which I look forward to showcasing. I wish you all a great Tuesday!


See Through Crochet Top Bra

zara strappy sandals

lace crop top

picturesque place in germany



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