Oh! We’re going to Ibiza And Formentera

Today we visited the beautiful island Formentera, an island about 40 minutes away from Ibiza which you can only reach by boat. A small island where the streets are idyllic and the landscapes are dashing. It has a lot of dry land and mountains but on the other side, a beautiful beach side all around the island. I recommend the Aquaboat which costs 19€ for a return ticket since it is much cheaper than some of the ferries which charge 45€. When you arrive at the port, you can take a bus to the beach of your preference. We got into the bus, paid 8€ (there and back) to Platja De Ses Illetes which was breathtaking. Surrounded by a fleet of yachts, we made our way to a free spot to enjoy the rest of the day on the beach. The color of the water reminds me of the Carribean, the water is cooling and soothing but still over 20°C. I would love to visit Fomentera on it’s own to check out the small city but at the moment Ibiza is killing it. I’ really loving the whole experience, a fabulous hotel room with the most perfect view over all the boats. Tomorrow I will be the birthday girl, so tonight me and my two ladies are going to be partying it up with Avicii in Ushuaia. I’m super exited to share all the amazing photos we took on our four day trip which has no ending in sight.

ibiza cheap hotel 2016

Ibiza And Formentera

exotiquetv mehtap bikini

ibiza ferry formentera

ibiza ship port

formentera beach

bloggers in bikinis

crochet crop top

ibiza house style

ibiza forn cafe

ibiza main center

turquoise slit skirt



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