Apparel Candy Review

Spring is a whole new closet! Now we don’t want you to break the bank just to look stylish in this season, but ofcourse we have learnt that style for less goes a long way. I got to browse through wholesale clothing store to bring you some of the hottest looks and a Apparel Candy Review . One trend I favor is this floral pant. Wear it loose for a comfortable day look or tighter to accentuate your legs. You’ll definitely be a winner in all these looks! The winning argument with floral pants is the endless combinations! You’ll have at least 4 colors to mix and match with any accessory.

Katya Kononova floral pants


Aneta Aneta // Katya Kononova // Andreea Ristea

I love a good flowy dress in the summer because when it gets hot, there’s nothing better than to have a breezy dress on. It secures you from sweating your face off and manages to look cute as well, practical and cute. Pair it with some cute jewelry and you’re good to go! Nude shoes look more subtle to this look but add the same color shoe as your dress to make the look more exciting!

mellow mayo ombre dress

The Adorable Two // Mellow Mayo // Nyu Styles

The recurring peplum dress is a staple! Why not freshen it up with a mint tone which is suitable for practically every skin tone and hair color. Bring a fresh breeze into your closet with this statement dress and pair it with wedges, sandals or heels to be able to wear it from dusk ’til dawn.

style by alina peplum dress

Sixth Tractate // Style By Alina // Stylish Petite

One small tip before I leave. I know some people give wholesale clothing the side eye but I, especially with jewelry or some items which I will need forever, white/black/nude tank tops, vests, jewelry, sunglasses which I always lose… I always buy wholesale. When I calculate how much I am saving each time, it feels really great. It’s a fraction of what I used to spend and I can always feel safe to know, I have more than one incase I lose an item or wash it wrong.You should really check out some good quality wholesale stores. If you need any help, feel free to suggest and I will follow up on the post and give you more tips and tricks!

Apparel Candy Review

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