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I just got back from a mini-trip which I posted on my Instagram where I visited a small city at the Baltic sea. It was sunny but still a bit chilly so I look forward to actually being in the sun very soon. On Wednesday I fly to Nizza and I can’t wait to inhale sea air. I will do a little packing list of what to take along and also feature a little “Get ready for the holidays: Beach Guide”. I always find it helpful to read other blogs because I always, ALWAYS forget one major item when I go on holiday, just because my head is thinking of a million different things at the same time. I also have this routine of painting my nails a different new color, pre-curling my extensions so that I look and feel fabulous and of course exfoliate so that I can get the best tan from those sun rays. I bought this heart top in this pre-mentioned small city and I have noticed how much I appreciate a longer t-shirt . It always elongates the body and hugs the curves. I paired it with a black stretchy denim pant and to add some excitement, leopard heels. I’ve had these in my closet for a while now and never really found the occasion to wear them so I never really noticed how comfortable the actually are. I will be listing all items below!

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Comme Des Garçons Print Shirt

Comme Des Garçons Print Shirt

Comme Des Garçons Print Shirt

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Comme Des Garçons heart Print Shirt

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