Prom Trends 2016

Prom Trends 2016 season is here and a friend of the family celebrated his graduation from high-school. I was so excited to see what this new generation of girls would be wearing. Has anything changed since my graduation five years ago. That time I bought my dress off a prom dress website and I was happy when it fit like a glove. It’s a dress I invested in because it has sentimental value and of course a symbol of the ending of a chapter in your oh so young life. I decided to show you an array of dresses, because you definitely want your dress to be unique, fit you like a glove, and most important, you want to feel comfortable and beautiful! Ordering online can be risky but its normal nowadays like on, that you can order a custom size dress for an extra of £9.99, which is nothing compared to a professional tailor. Let’s say you’re looking to tie the knot, Promtimes also offers a wide range of beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses and of course sexy cocktail dresses.

Shapewear is key. Most people forget that shapewear is to clothing what contouring is to make-up. It’s all about highlight and contour.  Invest in a quality piece shapewear dress. This will smoothen out your figure especially in a tighter dress and tricky fabrics like satin which can cast shadows in places you never knew existed. Perfectly fitting undergarments should also be brought along to a fitting. No one wants to end up with a showing bra step and the dreaded panty line. Emergency kit should consist of bobby pins, a mirror, blotting papers, anti-shine powder, travel size deodorant and double sided tape. If your bag is too small to fit all the stuff, divide the different items with your reliable friends. Last but not least, have a blast. This will be a highlight in your life which in a couple of decades you’ll be showing to your proud grandchildren! 😉

Pastels & Cotton Candy

Below I picked some pieces which are flirty and girly. These spring pastel tones suit everybody and these styles are sure to put you on the map to become prom queen. So make your debut in the season’s hottest cotton candy color work for your style.

Theatrical Show Stopper

Larger than life personality? Why not match the inside with the outside? Whether it sequins, crochet, or even some leather, you can guarantee you’ll be the only girl rocking this look. You’ll certainly be leaving high-school with a bang!

When in doubt, wear red…

Scarlet, burgundy or anything in between. Red is fierce, powerful and sensuous at the same time particularly if you have dark hair or eyes. Wearing a red dress to prom is as ridiculous as wearing a pronto on a Tuesday, which is to say, not ridiculous at all but special and wonderful. Pair it with a red lip and a sleek ponytail and you’re good to go.

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