Blogger Birkin Bag

This weekend I had a lovely trip up to see my bf. It was spontaneous, a five hour drive on a friday evening but it was certainly worth it. I actually wasn’t planning on really going shopping but I discovered this cute little boutique called “Bellezza”. Italian fashion with an in house café. You can stop by to grab some clothing while your company gets to enjoy an espresso or whatever they wish while you try on some things. Pretty sweet, right? It is a little pricier but I love going shopping in a relaxing space where you do not feel rushed. Collateral Damage: a leather jacket with silver detailing, an exquisite wool sweater, indigo jeans and  some cool loose sequin pants. The rest of my shopping spree saw me landing a gorgeous grey wrap coat for spring, grey converse sneakers, a midi skirt, a mini skirt,  a pair of shorts plus 2 other sweaters. I was pretty productive and I look forward to showing casing those pieces in the upcoming weeks. Until then, I hope you all had a lovely and fulfilling weekend. Blogger Birkin Bag.

Blogger Birkin Bag

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