Ysl Tribute Sandal Hot Pink

I love this Cable Knit Pink Sweater from H&M! I saw it whilst walking by in the shop window and I just had to have it. I love the chunky cable knit and the color is so delicate that it softens up any look. Since this pullover runs really short I paired it with a white men’s shirt which you can get at any department shore. It loosens up the look making it more comfortable. To make me feet less comfortable, I threw on this pair of YSL sandals to add a bit more glamour. I’m not sure where I got this triple tone bag but I’ve had it for years. It adds a bit more color to the look. Below are similar articles so that you can shop this look to. I wish you all a great day!

Cable Knit Pink Sweater

Zara pink and yellow bag

ysl tribute too sandals hot pink

Ysl tribute sandal hot pink

ysl tribute sandal hot pink sale

ysl tribute sandal on sale



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