Victoria Beckham Inspired Look

Victoria Beckham Inspired Look . Walking in heels this time of year is annoying, you poke into leaves and collect them as if they are part of your heel. Sometimes it drizzles so lightly that you feel that you don’t necessarily need an umbrella. On those days, I do prefer to wear a hat. My hair doesn’t agree with humid. I found this hat in H&M and fell in love with it. I love hats but since I wear extensions, I do have a thicker head and sometimes a large hat just wont cut it. High waisted skirts have always been a love of mine, I never really wore them a lot because they do expose your figure. However, the silhouette they give you is amazing. I usually own a jacket for in between seasons, but right now, I have fully switched to a wool winter coat. It is below 10°C and since our summer has been so amazing weather-wise, it’s hard to accept the cold and wet northern weather. I can’t wait until spring. This is going to be a very long winter!

Victoria Beckham Inspired Look platform ankle boot winter 2015 Fashion Lookbook Winter 2015 victoria beckham pencil skirt

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