Dell Solutions Summit 2014

I got an Invitation from Dell to attend the Dell Solutions Summit 2014 so I decided why not. They flew me out to Brussels where I have never been, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to see too much since I was only staying for a day. I got chauffeured from the airport in a fancy s-class which I wasn’t expecting and thought that they were pulling all the stops with this event. It took about 20 minutes to get to the Royal Windsor Hotel Grand Place where all the guests were staying, a beautiful five star hotel in the heart of Brussels. In the evening everyone was invited to Belgian Comic Strip Center, a museum filled with all the comics which originated in Belgium. In the land of Smurfs and Tintin, you could discover a range of exhibitions, illustrated with original artwork and unique objects. One fun highlight for me was the “digital” graffiti screen. The artist would hold up a spray can, which you could adjust the color and size you wanted to can to be.  He then drew different motives like Tintin and so on. There was lovely music entertainment. A woman sang loads of beautiful songs which consisted of a mix of current and evergreens. On the picture above you can see me walking up the stairs at the beginning of the event. I wasn’t too hungry unfortunately in the evening ,so I didn’t get to enjoy the catering which was on site. They had a variety of  Belgian themed food which looked amazing. The open bar was never empty with wine, Belgian beer and of course non alcoholic beverages.  After the Event which went until ca. 10:30pm which got chauffeured back to the hotel where we sat outside and enjoyed the mild evening. They illuminate the “Hotel De Ville” (Town Hall) in different colors. The following day, my personal highlight was meeting Michael Dell, such a grounded person and super nice. It’s not just everyday where you get to be in the same room with one of the worlds most successful businessmen. The rest of the day, the real work began and everyone was split into different “Sessions” which you  wanted to focus on hearing. Mine was mobility as you can see below. I then flew back yesterday from Luxemburg since I extended my stay to visit my sister. All in all the event was really great, I learnt a lot of really interesting people from all around the world which I look forward to seeing again and I am looking forward to the Dell Solutions Summit 2015.














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