Gucci Fur Coat

Gucci Fur Coat . The fall-winter 2014 campaign from Gucci was a hit from the get go when it was released this summer. It showed us the vibe which will be conquering the streets in fall and winter. Right before fall, I got inspired to recreate some of these looks online. Not saying one needs all these but maybe one or two statement  pieces could pull put some spice and sass into your wardrobe.

leopard print coat gucci

styloly leopard coat

I love this look and do believe it could have worked perfectly for Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada” . It is a little loud, well actually a lot. No problem though for a city girl though.
I am obsessed with Alexandra’s look. It’s so proper but still so edgy with that leopard print coat.
pink fur coat jacket
the haute pursuit pink fur jacket
Gucci opted for a a lot of fur, mongolian long fur, in various colors but mostly the same style and length, also I love referring to them as yeti coats. I love the color palettes  because for instance, the lilac/pink fur dress you tend to dress it up with whites, treys, silvers and this will make those dark days a little more feminine and pretty.
green fur jacket gucci
wear2day green faux fur gorilla coat
Cassandra looks every bit the fashionista in this daring look, just simply mind-blowing…

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