Kitchen Ambition 2015

kitchen backsplash inspiration 2015

The kitchen is planned and it has always been a dream of mine to have a backsplash with mosaic tiles made out of glass/mirror elements. I really don’t cook a lot because I always eat out, so for me I wanted the kitchen to be more of a design element and have something shiny and bright to it. I hit up amazon and ordered sample tiles and some of them arrived today. I will be updating this post as soon as the other samples arrive! This was one of the inspiration pictures which got me really into this idea. I know most people tile the bathroom and all, but I think why not the kitchen. Regular glass is pretty subtle, plus the tiles are pretty much the same surface as glass and easy to clean. Why mirrored? Mirrors do make a room appear bigger and more open and since the kitchen is in the same color scheme as the whole apartment, anything silver/chrome/aluminium/glass goes perfectly with it. I wash’t too sure about the glittery tiles and the size so I just got everything to see up front how it looks like. These are seven out of the eleven that arrived today. I hope the others arrive pretty soon because I love the side by side comparison. These are all different textures if you look closely but two pairs are really similar. This is great because I realize I prefer the bigger tiles better. I love the tiles in the middle the best and the pebble-inspired ones on the top right. These stood out to me the most because they are probably just very different and like nothing i’ve seen before. I might like them also because they reflect more which makes it more alive and edgy, whereas the rest are kind of simple. I am so excited to consult and envision how this kitchen backsplash will look like and of course show you the end result of the whole kitchen. The tiles come in a usual square shape with different measurements. Mine vary because I have different styles but in average the tile is ca. 25x25x5mm, give or take a few millimeters and are held together with netting in the back which is easily removable. Each block, which is ca. 30x30cm costs from 8-15€ depending on material and fabric. So depending on how big the area is, it could get pretty expensive. The fun thing is that they come in different colors, forms and materials. Below I will post some of the pictures I collected which got me started with this project.

kitchen backsplash inspiration 2015 glass tiles

kitchen backsplash inspiration 2015

kitchen backsplash inspiration 2015 kitchen backsplash inspiration 2015










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