Fresh Tracks On Fresh Snow

Winter is one of my favourite seasons of the year. I was born in the summer time so I call myself a summer child but I must confess that I would always choose a vacation in the Alps or somewhere cold over a beach holiday. I don’t have a reasoning for this since I’m not a skier or anything of that sort but I just find it beautiful and peaceful seeing snow is lying untouched on the ground or watching snowflakes fall.Großglockner kosten auto

The best part about the Alps is that you don’t need heavy winter attire, just a warmer coat. The sun shines regularly on a daily basis which is very beautiful do you don’t get the feeling that it is as cold as it is.

Großglockner Hochalpenstraße

Now that it’s summer here, it was time to go to the Alps. The Großglockner which is the highest mountain in Austria was definitely a place to visit. The high Alpine Road is very impressive since you can drive by car to the highest peak allowed for vehicles which is 2,576m above sea level.

Großglockner motorrad

serpentinen strasse Großglockner

The winding roads are terrifying but the view is well worth it. Another tip is to drive with the windows open because you can touch the snow as you drive by. It truly is something special!

wann schneit es nicht in den Alpen



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